Sunday, 20 January 2013

Network Addiction

Christmas Day 23:59pm. At that precise moment there began the 60 second countdown for the transition between the trepidation that comes with the prospective battle for bargains & full-on chaos. Funny, all the fighting at this moment was to be done via trackpad & keyboard as opposed to the use of claws & the occasional flying gaudy pink House of Fraser bag. Your average self-confessed shopaholic who you can usually find in a priceless royal rumble refusing to give up the heels that are down 70% without a fight, is now in an even more intense affray. The boxing-day sales began at 00:00 & the presence of tapping keys, refreshing tabs & the huff & puff as people attempted to recite their credit card details off by heart was everywhere. As well as the frustration of the unfortunate few who's internet connection has simply decided to 'pack-up'  - better luck next time. As midnight creeps into the early hours of dawn many emerge to access the very best of the winter sales, those who are wiser have stayed up all night & with a few clicks of the button have managed to scrape themselves glorious savings & the finest pieces that have been left over. They won't have to encounter the unscrupulous temper of a rampageous crowd (full of high fashion socialites & thrifters alike) & I can't help but think that they're quite simply winning in life without enduring all the hardship.

Another thought came across me today as I browsed the website for GQ Magazine to get a glimpse of the best bits of the Paris Fashion Week showcase of the A/W season collections for 2013 -2014 (my favourite collection was Fendi's). Are we soon to see the end of high street emporiums, replaced by the iphone that sits in your pocket or the laptop that rests on your thighs? Will '.com' & '' become prevalent in logos & advertising for certain retail companies? I definitely believe so. Online shopping has become increasingly sexy & there's no stopping the movement. Personally, although I believe it is absolutely prerequisite to try on an outfit before purchasing it, I feel that I am slowly drifting away from having to drag myself to the shops only to get maybe one top & drag myself home. There's something very attractive about getting more things accomplished in a warm set of pyjamas with a slice of cake by your side rather than roaming aimlessly from street to street finding nothing that you desire. The disappointment of your favourite item being sold out on a certain website is only short-lived as you can easily browse others to find a similar or identical alternative. And what's more; while you switch from gazing at the effortless style of Alexa Chung or a fancy blazer donned by Dmitriy Tanner, wondering where you can purchase the laced skirt or twisted leather trousers, you'll find that this information is accessible through the simple click of a hyperlink. Isn't this bloody fantastic? The phenomenon that is online shopping is highly meritorious for the simple fact that it's quick, it's easy & it's plain brilliant. Good for those of us that are dilatory - good for those of us that like to be organised.

There is no question that we are all victims of the cyber world's web of sin, & in all honesty this 'sin' is incredibly venial. Yes, neglecting outdoor activities & promoting laziness is wrong & yes I am a lazy bastard for waiting eight days for a delivery rather than going to the store down the road but in all honesty I fail to care. My brother who is currently attending Warwick University pays that extra £3.99 or so for delivery despite the fact that his local Tesco's is down the road. That's not even a clothing order. Since the spread of moratory behaviour is totally ineluctable, I simply wonder where that leaves plenty of fashion emporiums. While the stores that boast rare & vintage goods that can't be found online will remain healthy in profits, your local H&M may soon close down due to failed in-store sales despite rising online sales. It may seem to be an incredulous theory right now but many of you will be aware that HMV has recently been subject to liquidation & is now currently in adminstration as downloading songs online (from itunes or cheeky complimentary alternative) has speedily surpassed the use of a, now old-fashion, CD & Stereo. Will this happen in the world of fashion? Although there have been lack of hints of this I worry that eventually it shall. I am hopeful that many high-end stores will remain open & not become the chump of a fast internet connection but it isn't impossible that this could be a shocking result. All I can say to this situation is, the Stella McCartney floral jacket I ordered for my mother is now 2 days late.


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