Sunday, 20 January 2013

Network Addiction

Christmas Day 23:59pm. At that precise moment there began the 60 second countdown for the transition between the trepidation that comes with the prospective battle for bargains & full-on chaos. Funny, all the fighting at this moment was to be done via trackpad & keyboard as opposed to the use of claws & the occasional flying gaudy pink House of Fraser bag. Your average self-confessed shopaholic who you can usually find in a priceless royal rumble refusing to give up the heels that are down 70% without a fight, is now in an even more intense affray. The boxing-day sales began at 00:00 & the presence of tapping keys, refreshing tabs & the huff & puff as people attempted to recite their credit card details off by heart was everywhere. As well as the frustration of the unfortunate few who's internet connection has simply decided to 'pack-up'  - better luck next time. As midnight creeps into the early hours of dawn many emerge to access the very best of the winter sales, those who are wiser have stayed up all night & with a few clicks of the button have managed to scrape themselves glorious savings & the finest pieces that have been left over. They won't have to encounter the unscrupulous temper of a rampageous crowd (full of high fashion socialites & thrifters alike) & I can't help but think that they're quite simply winning in life without enduring all the hardship.

Another thought came across me today as I browsed the website for GQ Magazine to get a glimpse of the best bits of the Paris Fashion Week showcase of the A/W season collections for 2013 -2014 (my favourite collection was Fendi's). Are we soon to see the end of high street emporiums, replaced by the iphone that sits in your pocket or the laptop that rests on your thighs? Will '.com' & '' become prevalent in logos & advertising for certain retail companies? I definitely believe so. Online shopping has become increasingly sexy & there's no stopping the movement. Personally, although I believe it is absolutely prerequisite to try on an outfit before purchasing it, I feel that I am slowly drifting away from having to drag myself to the shops only to get maybe one top & drag myself home. There's something very attractive about getting more things accomplished in a warm set of pyjamas with a slice of cake by your side rather than roaming aimlessly from street to street finding nothing that you desire. The disappointment of your favourite item being sold out on a certain website is only short-lived as you can easily browse others to find a similar or identical alternative. And what's more; while you switch from gazing at the effortless style of Alexa Chung or a fancy blazer donned by Dmitriy Tanner, wondering where you can purchase the laced skirt or twisted leather trousers, you'll find that this information is accessible through the simple click of a hyperlink. Isn't this bloody fantastic? The phenomenon that is online shopping is highly meritorious for the simple fact that it's quick, it's easy & it's plain brilliant. Good for those of us that are dilatory - good for those of us that like to be organised.

There is no question that we are all victims of the cyber world's web of sin, & in all honesty this 'sin' is incredibly venial. Yes, neglecting outdoor activities & promoting laziness is wrong & yes I am a lazy bastard for waiting eight days for a delivery rather than going to the store down the road but in all honesty I fail to care. My brother who is currently attending Warwick University pays that extra £3.99 or so for delivery despite the fact that his local Tesco's is down the road. That's not even a clothing order. Since the spread of moratory behaviour is totally ineluctable, I simply wonder where that leaves plenty of fashion emporiums. While the stores that boast rare & vintage goods that can't be found online will remain healthy in profits, your local H&M may soon close down due to failed in-store sales despite rising online sales. It may seem to be an incredulous theory right now but many of you will be aware that HMV has recently been subject to liquidation & is now currently in adminstration as downloading songs online (from itunes or cheeky complimentary alternative) has speedily surpassed the use of a, now old-fashion, CD & Stereo. Will this happen in the world of fashion? Although there have been lack of hints of this I worry that eventually it shall. I am hopeful that many high-end stores will remain open & not become the chump of a fast internet connection but it isn't impossible that this could be a shocking result. All I can say to this situation is, the Stella McCartney floral jacket I ordered for my mother is now 2 days late.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Au néon

Louis Vuitton: Spring/Summer 2013
What on earth are you wearing? You look ridiculous!
The common reaction to the suggestion of neon clothing is all too familiar. The normal association of neon being a wild 'neon rave' full of glow-sticks, flashing colours & the odd snapped heel of a girl splattered on the floor trying to search for her lost dignity. For some time now, wearing neon as part of a common outfit has resulted in the brave soul wearing it becoming a temporary social stigma within seconds. Not even specifically just neon; the whole bright colour miscellany of some 'flower-power'-esque outfits is shunned. With the ever rising popularity of wearing duller tones, particularly the 'all black' phenomenon which many are lionized for pulling off, there's no room for the man in the bright pink polo or the girl in the bright green dress.
However, I smell a trend coming on.

Now to those of you who are closer to fashion it may be knowledge to you that stores like to stack the best clothes of one season, two seasons ahead. In August you'll find a gorgeous cashmere sweater, plan to buy it in winter and poof - it's gone. If my prediction is correct, around late February or early March there may be a rise of a neon implement in outfits to foresee a possible trend for summer 2013. Bright sneakers & vibrant yellow heels will replace leather jackets & grey cashmere shawls. This is evident enough from Louis Vuitton's spring/summer 2013 collection which was heavily paraded at a Marc Jacob's show back in October. Although not necessarily 'neon' the signal was clear. Piercing oranges & fierce yellows are 'in'. This comes quite into contrast with the popular 'pastels' trend of 2012 which boasted modesty in pale lilac tee's & mildly toned lace skirts. So will you be donning bright pink nails added to the gentle touch of a turquoise maxi number? Will you dare to rock new collection neon sneakers and white shell tops in attempt to blind but dazzle? A vivid stella McCartney sweater for chill summer nights or a phosphorescent addition to your handbag collection could be in order. Will you comply to the trend or rebel against it?

Nike Hyperfuse
Personally I feel that the trend could be embraced, particularly by those that wish to retain the sophistication that monotonous outfits tend to bestow.  However, outfits that are totally neon will look garish. The best way to go about neon is adding it as a touch to an outfit. Just a touch. A simple touch on neon could do black on black number with subtle additions such as bright soles for boys or quirky heels for girls. Little hints of colour could work their way in to your outfits from the beginning of spring until the dawn of a spectrum circus in early july & illumined chaos in the sultry month of August. We already know that bold green is on the way but there's still the question of whether neon will prosper as it failed to make a rise in 2012. How will you go about it?
The rise of hyper-real brightness & flourescent shades may me unavoidable.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013


A celebration of the style of the renowned Tinie Tempah

So how many of you are still yet to realise that the charming Grime sensation has already begun to leave a mark so precious & so genius on the notorious London fashion scene? Well if you haven't shame on you!  Tempah is 'hot'. Having established his forte in fashion as well as music, the Ambassador for the new contemporary 'Mens Fashion Week' has attracted himself a number of fans and admirers - one of them being yours truly. Already a social media icon, Tinie has managed to represent himself as a respected figure in London fashion. I for one am chuffed that his incredible fashion sense hasn't gone un-noticed as he was previously named 'Britain's Best Dressed Man' in GQ Magazine. In this week of January Tinie was even invited to attend an event at No.10 Downing Street in celebration of Men's fashion week.

"From a council flat to the only No.10 that matters..." - impressed yet?
The sublime event looked like a breakthrough for the artist as not only did he get to mingle with great names such as David Gandy & Oliver Cheshire but he was perceived to have the same high fashion status as those surrounding him. Tinie didn't stand out for being a rapper in a gentleman's world. Tinie simply stood out. His breath-taking charismatic persona & ineluctable image just ensured that he naturally stood out among the great. Literally he just stood out. He didn't need to wear a dramatic outfit. He didn't need to cry for any unnecessary attention. He simply has such an attractive aura about him (even in photograph) that he simply stood out. Maybe I'm saying this because I'm a huge fan or maybe the man has some divine grace about him that he simply 'stands out', even among legends. 

With his eyes set on the fashion market, Tinie created his own clothing line of 'Disturbing London' which is due (overdue) for a new collection & introduction of new goods. The clothing line clearly proved popular; proven by the heartbreaking 'sold out' sign among pretty much every piece of clothing. I was distraught & upset to not even get a slice of his collection, but I’m determined to make a purchase when his next line is dropped (as long as money woes are no longer me). The line which proudly premiered Tinie's designing debut easily worked it's way into Selfridges as a notable attribution to booming sales. Tempah's on fire isn't he. Having collaborated with Nike to create his own version of the already popular and mainstream Nike Blazers, Tinie's rise to excellence is simply unstoppable. Through social media Tinie has also proved himself to be a gym devoted yet humble man, which only adds to his rise to excellence and empowers his already meritorious image.

Personally, I've found my main inspiration. Even going as far as to attempt to pull off some high street variations of many of Tinie's great outfits, I am eager to see what he has in store for the British public in terms of fashion as well as music. Let's hope he can triumph internationally as well! 
Having already browsed twitter to see pictures of Tinie in a classy 3-piece suit with the captions ‘my boyfriend  & other idolising language; it is clear to me that others may have found their inspiration too. I feel Britain has a bit of a school yard crush on the suave character. But then again - what's not to love?


Friday, 4 January 2013

Kate's Curves

Upton - British Vogue - Jan2013
Curvaceous blonde bombshell Kate Upton has clearly taken to the affections of Vogue Chief Editor Alexandra Shulman. The american beauty has landed herself on the cover of British Vogue & has started  the year as the center of attention for a potential new campaign of healthier young models. The gorgeous young model who made her big break being on the cover of Sports Illustrated has certainly come far; once a busty 'lads mag' attraction blossoming into a sexy, elegant fashion darling. Other than her recent feature in British Vogue, Upton found success in American Vogue & the international Vogue Italia. Her vulnerable yet fierce profile allows men & woman alike to fall absolutely head over heels for her which is proved as she was ranked the 5th sexiest model of 2012 on's feature of 'Top sexiest Models'.

Taking the fashion world by storm & quiet controversy Kate elegantly parades her lush voluptuous body daring to stand among the typical thin & frail figures of high fashion models. Kate's presence ultimately highlights the pressure put on young girls to be stick thin & ashamed of their thighs, with inspirations such as the illustrious Joan Smalls serving as the current expectation & aspiration of the 'perfect' thin frame. With other current idols (particularly among social media) such as Chanel Iman & Lily Cole both promoting the typical stick thin goal, it's a wonder when this awkward issue will finally be rid of. There have been recent rising epidemics of the most glamorous & iconic babes such as Kim Kardashian, Nigella Lawson & Christina Hendricks promoting the lascivious image of the modern curvy female. Even going as far as to reference Marilyn Monroe, whose world renowned curves won her the affections of the public eye. Despite these influences it's still found that in most high fashion magazines, almost every female figure is no more than a size 2.

With this breakthrough of Kate Upton now showing that the nonsense attitude of having to be dangerously thin to be considered 'beautiful' is due for extermination, I can't wait for what the rest of the year has in store in terms of signing full figured models & potentially shunning Victoria's Secret Campaign's that hold the delusional view that skinny is the only way. Having already previously been the victim of nasty jeers about her weight & proving she's not afraid to bite back - I am confident that Kate can prove to be a defining figure of the progression of plump figured women no longer being told their 'too fat for fashion' & rather being embraced. Farewell size 0, you've out stayed your welcome.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

The Scandalous Man-Skirt

Recently there has been a rising recognition of men donning skirts. Quite plainly this underground trend seems to be growing more & more in the fashion scene & has been receiving plenty of backlash & minimal glory. To many this movement is ridiculous & it is outrageous that a man would wish to wear a skirt as part of a normal outfit & not as part of some glorious Dame Edna 'eat your heart out' drag burlesque ensemble (or some other glamorous nonsense). To me this movement is fantastic. 

Personally I don't think I would suit man-skirts but I do  endorse the movement to some level. Although obviously the majority of males won't be quick to jump on the trend I don't believe the slander of it is necessary. It's questionable why I believe this trend should be encouraged but my answer to that is; it's new. it's bold. it's brilliant. Of course we come to the common conclusion on man-skirts being 'gay' but let me just remind you all; greek gladiators - some of the most ferocious soldiers of war wore skirts. Manly enough? You wouldn't tell Achilles that he was nothing but a 'wuss' because he fought all his enemies in a skirt & sandals. The Scots wear plaited kilts yet many still walk around with the most masculine image & manly behaviour, so is it time for other nations to rise with the trend of men in skirts? Even then, why does this matter? Why the objection towards skirts for men? Don't women now wear trousers? I believe it is a positive progression in the world if a man can walk around in a skirt & not be judged or have his sexuality questioned. Must we deny a bold move from fashion simply because it is 'gender confused' or as it has been passionately described 'an abomination'? 
The classic plain leather skirt mainly used in this movement looks wonderful. It is a unique & daring look & the skirt alone makes a statement on any mans outfit, whatever they choose that statement to be. It's primary use in the popular 'all-black.' dupe is brilliant. The skirt is usually cut at the knees of the user and skinny trousers or leggings are used underneath to hide the legs & trainers are used to further emphasise the fact that this is a man wearing this outfit. It's eye-catching. It's controversial. It's a fresh look. Isn't this what everyone loves?
But what does this movement mean for fashion to come? Will men in heels become common rather than queer or does the 'crazy' end here? Will you find that as you stroll down the mens section of your local high street clothes store or pick up the latest issue of 'GQ' that leather skirts & handbags are 'in' and polo shirts & suits are 'out'? Will it ever go to this extent or is the 'issue' of man-skirts just blown out of proportion? The circulation of man-skirt hysteria is definitely due. Already there seems to be a community of 'man skirt' wearers that are endorsing the trend as best as they can. Will it be oppressed or will it be accepted?
I think it's grand & easily acceptable, but what's your opinion?

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Are you there World? It's me, Jason

January means different things for many people & many things for many of us. For some it is the dreaded period of soul shattering exams, for others 'tis the second season to be jolly' as record breaking sales endure the stampede of people scurrying for the greatest bargains. It's back to work, back to school & i'm sure plenty of us are close to physically waving our fists in the air & questioning where our christmas went. The decaying left over turkey that no one want's to eat & the disappointing unwanted presents due to be returned are only a depressing sight & a swift blow of reality. The yuletide season is over. Wie scheiße ist dass. For me, January means all these things & on top of that it is the month of my birthday which lands on the 30th. I will be turning 16. Wait pause... I will be turning 16. A year on I will be turning 17 & then 18 & eventually i'll be off packing to university. Oh God. This fast? Surely not, i'm pretty sure I only just turned 15 a little while ago. I could easily scatter this post with useless cliché's & exaggeration about how I was 'transformed' by this revelation & wishing to shape my life with the fresh start of the new year. How young Jason, soon to turn 16 decided to grasp life by his bare hands & show the world what he's got. But no. To be honest, just no. No. I sat in my room & my exact words were 'bloody hell, this was unexpected.' I reflected on 2012 & realised that it was a pretty poor year. Deciding to declare these events as dead & buried I thought of what my next move in life could be. I have a good feeling about 2013, I feel like it's the year where I make my breakthrough in life. I decided that it would be magnificent to start writing again as i had drifted away from my old wordpress blog which had attracted a lot of attention, but didn't feel like something I was connecting with. Writing is one of my few passions & I decided it's high time I got some recognition for it & started exploring others work. I mused over the idea of incorporating my own interests into little posts & communicating my opinions. Well what am I waiting for? Why am I banging on about the things I want to do rather than just doing them. It's time I started saying 'this will happen' rather than 'i hope this happens' & it's time I started taking some action over my life. I don't bother with new years resolutions but I do have a new mentality. This won't just be the year that I begin looking at how to progress in life, this will be the beginning of how I will progress in this year & many years to come. Surely I could've done this before the start of the new year but everyone needs a starting point & a reminder. 

I'll only ever be as good as I strive to be, as I work to be. My life will only be as complete as I make it.
I believe this new mentality should apply to a lot of people & I am hopeful to see many around me complete various projects & achieve their potentials. As we begin 2013, I believe we should all make sure that we are on the track of leaving our mark on the earth & not just accepting being an insignificant cog in the machine that is life.
What do you say to that?