Friday, 4 January 2013

Kate's Curves

Upton - British Vogue - Jan2013
Curvaceous blonde bombshell Kate Upton has clearly taken to the affections of Vogue Chief Editor Alexandra Shulman. The american beauty has landed herself on the cover of British Vogue & has started  the year as the center of attention for a potential new campaign of healthier young models. The gorgeous young model who made her big break being on the cover of Sports Illustrated has certainly come far; once a busty 'lads mag' attraction blossoming into a sexy, elegant fashion darling. Other than her recent feature in British Vogue, Upton found success in American Vogue & the international Vogue Italia. Her vulnerable yet fierce profile allows men & woman alike to fall absolutely head over heels for her which is proved as she was ranked the 5th sexiest model of 2012 on's feature of 'Top sexiest Models'.

Taking the fashion world by storm & quiet controversy Kate elegantly parades her lush voluptuous body daring to stand among the typical thin & frail figures of high fashion models. Kate's presence ultimately highlights the pressure put on young girls to be stick thin & ashamed of their thighs, with inspirations such as the illustrious Joan Smalls serving as the current expectation & aspiration of the 'perfect' thin frame. With other current idols (particularly among social media) such as Chanel Iman & Lily Cole both promoting the typical stick thin goal, it's a wonder when this awkward issue will finally be rid of. There have been recent rising epidemics of the most glamorous & iconic babes such as Kim Kardashian, Nigella Lawson & Christina Hendricks promoting the lascivious image of the modern curvy female. Even going as far as to reference Marilyn Monroe, whose world renowned curves won her the affections of the public eye. Despite these influences it's still found that in most high fashion magazines, almost every female figure is no more than a size 2.

With this breakthrough of Kate Upton now showing that the nonsense attitude of having to be dangerously thin to be considered 'beautiful' is due for extermination, I can't wait for what the rest of the year has in store in terms of signing full figured models & potentially shunning Victoria's Secret Campaign's that hold the delusional view that skinny is the only way. Having already previously been the victim of nasty jeers about her weight & proving she's not afraid to bite back - I am confident that Kate can prove to be a defining figure of the progression of plump figured women no longer being told their 'too fat for fashion' & rather being embraced. Farewell size 0, you've out stayed your welcome.


  1. I do like this post and you have raised many valuable points however I don't understand the sub heading "The future of size 0 vs size 6" then you go on to talk about curves? Size 6 is rather slim, where do the curves come in?

  2. Well this article is good but size 6 is not usually known for being curvy size, usually size 12/14 are and try to be laid back with what you are saying, you seem so serious and making it sound so intellectual and serious try and add an engaging tone so your readers can be engaged. Remember although you may get a lot of page views does not necessarily mean it is a success however from your previous posts I can see you have a lot of potential to go into the journalism sector :)

    1. thanks very much, i corrected my mistake!

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