Wednesday, 9 January 2013


A celebration of the style of the renowned Tinie Tempah

So how many of you are still yet to realise that the charming Grime sensation has already begun to leave a mark so precious & so genius on the notorious London fashion scene? Well if you haven't shame on you!  Tempah is 'hot'. Having established his forte in fashion as well as music, the Ambassador for the new contemporary 'Mens Fashion Week' has attracted himself a number of fans and admirers - one of them being yours truly. Already a social media icon, Tinie has managed to represent himself as a respected figure in London fashion. I for one am chuffed that his incredible fashion sense hasn't gone un-noticed as he was previously named 'Britain's Best Dressed Man' in GQ Magazine. In this week of January Tinie was even invited to attend an event at No.10 Downing Street in celebration of Men's fashion week.

"From a council flat to the only No.10 that matters..." - impressed yet?
The sublime event looked like a breakthrough for the artist as not only did he get to mingle with great names such as David Gandy & Oliver Cheshire but he was perceived to have the same high fashion status as those surrounding him. Tinie didn't stand out for being a rapper in a gentleman's world. Tinie simply stood out. His breath-taking charismatic persona & ineluctable image just ensured that he naturally stood out among the great. Literally he just stood out. He didn't need to wear a dramatic outfit. He didn't need to cry for any unnecessary attention. He simply has such an attractive aura about him (even in photograph) that he simply stood out. Maybe I'm saying this because I'm a huge fan or maybe the man has some divine grace about him that he simply 'stands out', even among legends. 

With his eyes set on the fashion market, Tinie created his own clothing line of 'Disturbing London' which is due (overdue) for a new collection & introduction of new goods. The clothing line clearly proved popular; proven by the heartbreaking 'sold out' sign among pretty much every piece of clothing. I was distraught & upset to not even get a slice of his collection, but I’m determined to make a purchase when his next line is dropped (as long as money woes are no longer me). The line which proudly premiered Tinie's designing debut easily worked it's way into Selfridges as a notable attribution to booming sales. Tempah's on fire isn't he. Having collaborated with Nike to create his own version of the already popular and mainstream Nike Blazers, Tinie's rise to excellence is simply unstoppable. Through social media Tinie has also proved himself to be a gym devoted yet humble man, which only adds to his rise to excellence and empowers his already meritorious image.

Personally, I've found my main inspiration. Even going as far as to attempt to pull off some high street variations of many of Tinie's great outfits, I am eager to see what he has in store for the British public in terms of fashion as well as music. Let's hope he can triumph internationally as well! 
Having already browsed twitter to see pictures of Tinie in a classy 3-piece suit with the captions ‘my boyfriend  & other idolising language; it is clear to me that others may have found their inspiration too. I feel Britain has a bit of a school yard crush on the suave character. But then again - what's not to love?



  1. I really like tinie too, I'm positive he'll get far in fashion. I love his outfit where he is wearing the blue cardi, I'm not really a big fan of the nike blazers though. Anyway this is a great review on him and his work!

  2. your the only boy i know whos fashion sense is on pointtttt lol

  3. you have a really really great style! love love love!


  4. First time I've read your blog, and I think its very good. Well done I think I'll come back to it. Ayy.

  5. You're blog is amazing , I've been blogging for well over a year and your work inspires me !!! Hopefully one day I'll meet your standard.

  6. great post! I'm always afraid to write this much; I feel like people will get bored and leave. We're such a visual, graphic generation, and that's truer in fashion than in anything else, but you keep it fresh and engaging! Fab. :) And this is only my first time here! Followed! :P

    PS, I love finding other Nigerians doing interesting things around the world. Just makes me feel good. :D Continue in your awesomeness.