Sunday, 3 February 2013

Menswear Catwalk A/W 2013/14: Best Bits

My favourite piece: Fendi
Milan, Paris, London. The hottest destinations for one to bask in the presence of vogue galore. Through the months of December & January the insatiable fashion world has been fed the most intricate and phenomenal designs the likes of the funky Katie Eary or the zany Karl Lagerfeld have to offer. Of course fashion being the vain, unscrupulous industry it is - it still isn't full up. Nonetheless, shows held in these venues have recently boasted glorious fur shawls, jumpers that sweep the floor as you walk, males donning gold lipstick and males with painted moustaches (courtesy of Vivienne Westwood). I like it. Let's focus on the menswear. From minimalistic monochrome designs, ineffable print textures to the down right baffling - the common metrosexual was not denied a divine taste of the finer aspects of male fashion and stunning new designs to show unique approaches to the autumn/winter season. A dandy's paradise - how sublime.

For me the lines that have stolen the limelight from the Autumn/Winter buzz are Fendi, Valentino and Topman Design. Fendi in Milan, Valentino in Paris & of course Topman Design in London. The highlight of Fendi's attack on the catwalk had to be the sporting of fur shawls and fur lined bags, rivalled by plain mustard jackets and turtlenecks so spectacular I feel to order the government to cancel Summer as part of the recession. Simply ambrosial. The illustrious Valentino strikes with pthalo green leather stripes on plaid suits, blue-ribbon 3-piece suits & the most glorious beige coats you've ever seen. Now Topman Design. Tomato Orange cardigans on hawaiian shirts? Sounds quite ugly. But the genius of Topman pulled it off. Now obviously this sounds rather pretentious but the British brand was sure to establish itself as a high fashion emporium, not just the local store where all the lads get their hoodies. Cosmic Latte turtlenecks matched with cream Parka's sent an intense feeling of excitement through my blood as I examined the sensational pieces displayed. Even the signature Topman backpack managed to stun and assert class into the London fashion show. Could this result in the likes of Clement Chabernaud bidding to be the next face of the brand? I certainly hope so.

Overall I was definitely pleased with what A/W 2013/14 has shown me so far. Although I am haunted by this garish mess of a pair of trousers I saw (not naming any names), I am certain that a prodigious amount of high fashion socialites are lusting over the great designs and awaiting what the next season of style has to offer. I certainly look forward to it.

Here is a selection of some of my favourite pieces for A/W-13/14:

Astrid Anderesen MAN




Katie Eary

Louis Vuitton

MCQ Alexander McQueen

Neil Barrett

Phillip Lim

Richard James

Topman Design



  1. There were too many words so I didn't read it :( But it was great still.

  2. Neil Barret never fails to impress, but LV is not bad too! But way too chic ;d

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