Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Are you there World? It's me, Jason

January means different things for many people & many things for many of us. For some it is the dreaded period of soul shattering exams, for others 'tis the second season to be jolly' as record breaking sales endure the stampede of people scurrying for the greatest bargains. It's back to work, back to school & i'm sure plenty of us are close to physically waving our fists in the air & questioning where our christmas went. The decaying left over turkey that no one want's to eat & the disappointing unwanted presents due to be returned are only a depressing sight & a swift blow of reality. The yuletide season is over. Wie scheiße ist dass. For me, January means all these things & on top of that it is the month of my birthday which lands on the 30th. I will be turning 16. Wait pause... I will be turning 16. A year on I will be turning 17 & then 18 & eventually i'll be off packing to university. Oh God. This fast? Surely not, i'm pretty sure I only just turned 15 a little while ago. I could easily scatter this post with useless cliché's & exaggeration about how I was 'transformed' by this revelation & wishing to shape my life with the fresh start of the new year. How young Jason, soon to turn 16 decided to grasp life by his bare hands & show the world what he's got. But no. To be honest, just no. No. I sat in my room & my exact words were 'bloody hell, this was unexpected.' I reflected on 2012 & realised that it was a pretty poor year. Deciding to declare these events as dead & buried I thought of what my next move in life could be. I have a good feeling about 2013, I feel like it's the year where I make my breakthrough in life. I decided that it would be magnificent to start writing again as i had drifted away from my old wordpress blog which had attracted a lot of attention, but didn't feel like something I was connecting with. Writing is one of my few passions & I decided it's high time I got some recognition for it & started exploring others work. I mused over the idea of incorporating my own interests into little posts & communicating my opinions. Well what am I waiting for? Why am I banging on about the things I want to do rather than just doing them. It's time I started saying 'this will happen' rather than 'i hope this happens' & it's time I started taking some action over my life. I don't bother with new years resolutions but I do have a new mentality. This won't just be the year that I begin looking at how to progress in life, this will be the beginning of how I will progress in this year & many years to come. Surely I could've done this before the start of the new year but everyone needs a starting point & a reminder. 

I'll only ever be as good as I strive to be, as I work to be. My life will only be as complete as I make it.
I believe this new mentality should apply to a lot of people & I am hopeful to see many around me complete various projects & achieve their potentials. As we begin 2013, I believe we should all make sure that we are on the track of leaving our mark on the earth & not just accepting being an insignificant cog in the machine that is life.
What do you say to that?



  1. Well thought out piece of writing and extremely captivating.

  2. Such lucid writing is always refreshing. Looking forward to reading more from you!

    May I never be a cog in the machine...more a spanner in the works.