Wednesday, 2 January 2013

The Scandalous Man-Skirt

Recently there has been a rising recognition of men donning skirts. Quite plainly this underground trend seems to be growing more & more in the fashion scene & has been receiving plenty of backlash & minimal glory. To many this movement is ridiculous & it is outrageous that a man would wish to wear a skirt as part of a normal outfit & not as part of some glorious Dame Edna 'eat your heart out' drag burlesque ensemble (or some other glamorous nonsense). To me this movement is fantastic. 

Personally I don't think I would suit man-skirts but I do  endorse the movement to some level. Although obviously the majority of males won't be quick to jump on the trend I don't believe the slander of it is necessary. It's questionable why I believe this trend should be encouraged but my answer to that is; it's new. it's bold. it's brilliant. Of course we come to the common conclusion on man-skirts being 'gay' but let me just remind you all; greek gladiators - some of the most ferocious soldiers of war wore skirts. Manly enough? You wouldn't tell Achilles that he was nothing but a 'wuss' because he fought all his enemies in a skirt & sandals. The Scots wear plaited kilts yet many still walk around with the most masculine image & manly behaviour, so is it time for other nations to rise with the trend of men in skirts? Even then, why does this matter? Why the objection towards skirts for men? Don't women now wear trousers? I believe it is a positive progression in the world if a man can walk around in a skirt & not be judged or have his sexuality questioned. Must we deny a bold move from fashion simply because it is 'gender confused' or as it has been passionately described 'an abomination'? 
The classic plain leather skirt mainly used in this movement looks wonderful. It is a unique & daring look & the skirt alone makes a statement on any mans outfit, whatever they choose that statement to be. It's primary use in the popular 'all-black.' dupe is brilliant. The skirt is usually cut at the knees of the user and skinny trousers or leggings are used underneath to hide the legs & trainers are used to further emphasise the fact that this is a man wearing this outfit. It's eye-catching. It's controversial. It's a fresh look. Isn't this what everyone loves?
But what does this movement mean for fashion to come? Will men in heels become common rather than queer or does the 'crazy' end here? Will you find that as you stroll down the mens section of your local high street clothes store or pick up the latest issue of 'GQ' that leather skirts & handbags are 'in' and polo shirts & suits are 'out'? Will it ever go to this extent or is the 'issue' of man-skirts just blown out of proportion? The circulation of man-skirt hysteria is definitely due. Already there seems to be a community of 'man skirt' wearers that are endorsing the trend as best as they can. Will it be oppressed or will it be accepted?
I think it's grand & easily acceptable, but what's your opinion?


  1. You're opinion is graciously and intricately enveloped in this piece but it fails to provide room for objectory opinion and this is where I come in. 'Man skirts' in Scotland have been molded into their culture and our perceptions of their culture for generations and as far as Greek heritage goes ,these skirts were used predominantly for protection- not for a fashion statement! Although your view according to social moves of;acceptance of sexuality, equality, breaking of gender barriers would be dubbed as a symbol of the progressions of this generations mentality, I see it as a severing regression. This is mainly due to the line separating men from women becoming shrouded and opaque and I dread to think in what ways the effects of this may present itself. Maybe confusion in children, am I a boy or a girl, a boy/girl? Yes, this seems exaggerated and it is but sometimes these are the extents we have to go to predict history's (our present their past)effects on the future. Just a thought.

  2. The man skirt in my humble opinion is just a play on the Scottish kilt and it's brilliant to see people embracing it! :-)

  3. Just wear a kilt! :) But it's great to see this trend emerging - though lose the leggings, IMHO.

    They need to be at reasonable prices - Kanye's 'kilt' is around $1700!

  4. I wear skirts in my day bases and I wear one in Lisbon Fashion Week and it was a successes here in Portugal so!
    Loved the blog and I will for certain follow you!

    Tiago Aleixo
    Check me out

  5. really couldn't help but truly agree with your opinion! had to admit they sorta follow the reverse look themselves, jusr like how the ladies have for the men

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