Thursday, 7 February 2013

They All Love Cara

Cara on British Vogue: March
The lady's grace is tantalising and her coquettish disposal makes her all the more exquisite. While neither naughty nor nice she often ingeniously shifts from a cheeky, girly disposition to a devil may care eroticism. Well of course it's Cara. With the fash-pack wrapped around her forefinger and the paparazzo constantly craving for a greater shot of those envious eyebrows, it's no wonder she's already established the title of Model of the Year. The British favourite. She's everywhere. Delevingne fired intensity to the fashion scene when she exploded onto the catwalk and captured the engrossment of the fashion world which will be hard to relinquish. With a seamless journey to the top, Delevingne casually mixed in with the highest echelons of style - working among the likes of Jourdan Dunn, Karlie Kloss and Mario Testino. This has resulted in a world wide obsession with the fresh faced phenomenon and her ineluctable ascension to victory. A sensation. And just to add a touch of history & legend to her portfolio; her God Mother is the illustrious Joan Collins.

At just 20 years old, Cara features as the Cover Girl for March's Vogue and I couldn't be more delighted. Parading among the promotions of Victoria's Secret, DKNY, Chanel & being the face of the Burberry Beauty Campaign, success and exposure have been plentiful for Cara's current reign. Always delicately dressed and providing a unique and sensational approach to modelling, many are simply charmed by the breathtaking young woman. Previously featuring in Vogue Korea, Italia & Russia it was inevitable that Cara would soon grace the cover of British Vogue. With parted pink lips and sporting an embroidered satin maxi dress by Giorgio Armani and a youthful cap by Canvas and PVC; Cara's dynamo disposition is so divinely expressed. That one bent finger placed underneath her chin and the legendary power brows bushy and out to play. So divine. I can confidently say that this is the most impeccable Vogue Cover i've ever seen. I'm confident that in 50 years this very cover will indefinitely be a rare and beautiful glimpse at the finest lady's of fashion the early 21st century had to offer. If you have the honour of owning a copy just know that you own a piece that will be a desirable collectors item one day - might sell for just a grand or two. Inside is a wonderful witty article, written by (my favourite vogue editor) Emily Sheffield and an exhibition of Cara donning checked turtlenecks and glorious green biker two-pieces. Her flawless form in front of the camera is deservingly meritorious.

Tarantulas and Tiger onesies.

In a world full of vainglorious and bitchy females, Cara definitely stands out as the sweetheart of fashion. The girl shows a vivacious and humorous side which is heavily expressed through Twitter and Instagram which have attracted 400,000+ and 550,000+ followers respectively. A social media icon she is often the topic of discussion. Her loveable cheeky attitude is a refreshing feature and she never fails to please and thank her fans and admirers. Always a thrilling presence many find themselves constantly discussing her love life, her latest magazine feature and of course placing bets on how thick those robust eyebrows really are - £5 says 0.9 inches. Whether posting pictures pulling a silly face in a cap resembling pepperoni pizza or cyber smooching with her rapper accomplice Azealia Banks, her every move is always followed. Known for being one of the most outgoing and inspirational models of this current era, there's no question that her friendly arrangement has captured the heart of thousands.
The new Kate Moss and Britain's new darling?
Currently Cara is enjoying fame and the fashion empire is ever anxious to give her praise. Without fail she is constantly heralded as a sensation and plastered over every catwalk show you can name. The new Kate Moss? Well it's rather cliché that every new young model is instantly assumed the title of 'The new Kate Moss' and then never seen again, but could it be a reality this time? She's already featured in LOVE magazine alongside Kate Moss and it's believed that they are close acquaintances. It's prominent that the British Model is currently writing parts of fashion history through her numerous appearances and features but to what extent will this hysteria go. Buzzes like this have been placed on models in the past but this is definitely something different. I'm rather hopeful that Delevingne is a salent figure in many years to come. Whether or not she manages to live up to the kudos of Kate Moss is one thing, but I don't believe it's relevant. Cara doesn't need to follow the footsteps of the 'heroin-chic' Kate, she's already in a class of her own. Either way she will prevail as a paramount significant in British and International style - She already has. 


  1. I'm in love with this writing. Cara is simply stunning and your writing is immaculate! Can't wait until your next one!

  2. I love your writing style! Cara is one of my favorite models along with Coco Rocha and Bianca Balti.